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Large Ducal Palace in Luxembourg

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Outstanding which attracts the views of the Big ducal palace building is located in Luxembourg The palace was and is the current residence of the family of the Grand Duke The palace building was built in 1572 At the very beginning of its history it... attractions, Cultural objects

Place Guillaume II

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Walk through the Luxembourg must include a visit to the Place Guillaume II (Place Guillaume II) Locals often call her Knyudeler Knyudeler means belt Franciscan friars It is at this point until the XIX century located their  Abbey To get to the... attractions, Parks and Gardens

Lower Town

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Ancient and picturesque city of Luxembourg is situated at the confluence of two rivers and Petrus Alzette in connection with which it can be conditionally divided into two parts Lower and Upper Town The presence of rivers within the city a major... attractions, Parks and Gardens


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Notre Dame Cathedral is located in the south small and intimate Luxembourg City the capital of the eponymous state Built the cathedral was still in the early XVII century and was used as a church for the Jesuits Due to the fact that the building was... attractions, Cultural objects

Museum of the Bank of Luxembourg

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Central Bank of Luxembourg was founded in 1856 The main bank office is located in a building built in the late XIX century It is located almost in the center of Luxembourg Plateau Bourbon Plaza de Metz There is also a major collection of the... attractions, Galleries and Museums

Adolphe Bridge

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Adolphe Bridge has become an unofficial national symbol of the city representing Luxembourg's independence and is one of the main tourist attractions Despite the fact that the bridge more than 100 years it is also known as the New Bridge in... attractions, Cultural objects

Museum Villa Vauban

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The museum building was built in 1873 as a private residence and as a part of the city fortifications Impressive part to keep the old fortress wall can still be seen in the basement of the museum The residence was built in classical style with... attractions, Galleries and Museums

The tomb of the great princes, Luxembourg

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The tomb of the Grand Duke is directly under the Cathedral It was built in the XVII century and in 1870 became known as the Duomo Soborom V it is an icon of the Mother of God Comforter of the Afflicted and the entrance to the tomb is guarded by two... attractions, Galleries and Museums

Chapel Glacis

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Glacis chapel is located in the center of Luxembourg close to Piazza Fouerplaatz It is built on the site of the chapel of the same name in 1626 at the request of Bishop Nіkalausam Adames and plan architect Charles Arent Chapel consecrated in 1885 by... attractions, Galleries and Museums

Casino Luxembourg

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In addition to gambling halls Casino Luxembourg was also a reading room a restaurant and several large rooms that were used for lectures dances performances shows concerts and art exhibitions so its transformation into  museum was quite natural... attractions, Galleries and Museums
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